New Postmaster Training catalogue

Since January 2020 we’ve been letting you know about all the different ways we have been improving the training available to postmasters, new and existing. We’ve been informing you about the new e-learning modules, additional classroom courses and operational guides and work aids.  

With involvement and feedback from internal colleagues and postmasters we’ve produced a “Postmaster Operational Training catalogue” which brings this all together in one place.

The catalogue will take you through the postmaster learner journey and details of all the different learning available.  You’ll find details of how the learning can be assigned or booked, how long the learning is expected to take and where to go for further help with your learning needs.

Click here to view the catalogue

To book yourself onto the new “Investigating Discrepancies” course or book one of your team onto the “Basic Transactions” or “Basic Balancing” course or e-learning modules please browse our catalogue.