Your Questions and Answers - Mails, Banking, Bill Payments & Identity

There were a number of questions you asked that we didn't have time to answer during the Stronger Together events. We caught up with a number of senior leaders across Post Office and put those questions to them.

Firstly, here's Mark Siviter, Managing Director of Mails & Retail, answering your questions about mails.

Here's Andrew Goddard, Managing Director of Payzone Bill Payments, answering your questions about bill payments.

We put your Banking questions to Martin Kearsley, Director of Banking Services. Here are his answers.


Identity services

Martin Edwards, Managing Director for Identity services answers questions about Passports.

Why can't we keep passport forms? Lots of customer not happy about it.
Passport Forms are provided directly to the check and send branches by Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO). The forms are limited to these location to help the Passport Office manage the costs of production and distribution. Also with the growth of their online network the demand for paper applications has declined and although there will continue to be demand from customers the current network continues to meet the overall demand for paper applications.

Please can you tell me why it takes so long to get new AEI login we have been waiting 3 weeks.
AEI logins can be reset within a matter of days, by logging the request with AEI helpdesk. Log in IDs for new staff can take longer, as they need to confirm that the appropriate security checks have been completed.

At the beginning of the year we were told about a roll out of tablets to branches to be able to complete Passport digital check and send and hopefully long term being able to do other products. Is this still something that is due to roll out and when?
We are looking at introducing tablet-based, in-branch passport applications. Building on a successful trial in 15 branches last December, we are looking to pilot tablet passport applications in late September and go into full rollout in October. Once the rollout of tablet passport application is complete, we hope to move on to other products and we are discussing opportunities with clients.

When can we process passports through the branch?
There has been no suspension of the check and send for UK Passports. The Irish Passport Accept and Send service was suspended at the request of the Irish Passport Agency. They have advised that they will resume services in August and further details on this was published in Branch Focus.