Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Postmaster consultation started with a debrief on the Postmaster survey (Phase 2) which was completed by 1,700 Postmasters. Our research agency spoke to a small group of Postmasters to share the initial results to confirm the results and priorities areas identified. Postmasters endorsed the priorities.

Through the survey you raised six priorities areas which need the most improvement. Our focus now is to take action on these areas. 

The priority areas are:

  • Remuneration
  • IT Systems & Processes
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Access to senior management
  • Innovation

Through Phase 3, we will test new models of engagement with Postmasters. We are holding co-creation sessions involving Postmasters and Post Office colleagues. These are small working groups and the purpose of each session is to focus in more detail on the six priority areas above, and working together to find ways to improve them.

Our research agency is contacting Postmasters about taking part. Postmasters should express interest by speaking to Area Managers or registering their interest through the weekly Postmaster email sent by Amanda Jones, Retail and Franchise Network Director.

Early actions underway have been shared with Area Managers so please do ask them for updates.