Phase 1

Part 1: Postmaster interviews

As part of the first phase of the consultation process, we invited Postmasters to take part in consultation interviews. We were looking for approximately 50 Postmasters across the country for this phase, with each individual interview lasting approximately 45 minutes.

It is important the views and feedback provided during the consultation is fully representative of our diverse network, so we wanted to hear from Postmasters from a range of different groups.

Information about Phase 1, and invitation for Postmasters to come forward for Phase 1 was issued via Area Managers and published in the weekly Postmaster email sent to user registered on One website. You can read the full update here.

Part 2: Online noticeboard

We have over 8,000 independent Postmasters, so alongside the Postmaster interviews mentioned here, we are inviting Postmasters to share their views through our virtual noticeboard here.

Share your views on the online noticeboard here.

Information from both the interviews and the noticeboard will be shared with the independent agency on a regular basis, and will feed in to the wider network survey we will run in Phase 2.

Below is a short video recorded by Area Manager Joanne Fryatt, during Amanda Jones' visit to Caistor branch, in the East of England region. This film provides an overview about why we’re running the consultation and how your input will help shape a different way of working with you.