How to get involved

There are three phases in the Postmasters consultation, with each phase covering a different way to get involved and to have your say – including;

  • Phase 1 – Initial interviews and views: through a series of qualitative 121 consultation interviews with 50 Postmasters and regular ongoing views on a noticeboard for all Postmasters. This phase started from mid-September.
  • Phase 2 – a formal survey: a network wide formal survey so everyone can get involved. This phase started in December and closed on 31 January and allowed additional time  for the busy mails period
  • Phase 3 – final consultation proposal: Postmaster working groups to support with the final proposals and recommendations to carry forward. This phase started at the end of March 2021.

Current phase

We are in Phase 3.  This phase runs from end March to April. Read more about Phase 3 here.