Postmasters to join the Branch User Forum in 2021

Postmasters to join the Branch User Forum in 2021

Thank you to all the Postmasters who took the time to apply to join the Branch User Forum (BUF).

In 2020, we decided to widen the membership of the Branch User Forum (BUF), so it serves both yours and the business’ needs more effectively, and to make sure it is truly representative of all branches in communities across the UK.

We asked Postmasters to let us know if they were interested in joining. 58 Postmasters took the opportunity to apply.

The process has taken longer than we wanted due to these exceptional times. We had a variety of applications from Postmasters with different tenure, knowledge and experience. We looked at all applications taking into account the reasons why applicants said they wanted to join the forum, their tenure and geographical location. Our focus has been to make sure group members are representative of the Postmaster community.

We have now contacted all Postmasters who applied. 20 Postmasters will join the forum this year. The forum now includes 29 Postmasters.

The current Forum members have been playing an important role in Post Office’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, raising issues from the frontline, as well as discussing and inputting into key operational decisions. A thank you to them for their support.

Head of Branch Operations Engagement Team, Katrina Holmes who leads the forum said: “Thank to everyone who submitted their interest in applying to join the Branch User Forum. The extension of this Forum is one way in which we are improving how we work together with Postmasters.

“The first meeting will take place later in January. We plan to provide regular updates on activity, projects or issues so we can keep all Postmasters informed of activity this group is involved in.”

We are also running a Postmaster consultation (take part in phase 2 here, closes 22 January) and through this we also expect develop new/other models on working with Postmasters so there will be other opportunities in the future.

Regional Managers also run regional forums on a regular basis and feedback/issues are shared across the business.