Postmaster view on customer experience

Postmaster view on customer experience


  • Name: Nita Patel owned branch in 2013 but worked at Post Office for longer
  • Branch name: Woodhatch Post Office
  • Branch model: Local model
  • Branch size: Two counters
  • Voice of the customer score: 92.2% Ease score from 196 customer responses.

Nita with her certificate for completing Customer Experience University Foundation training

Nita Patel, Postmaster at Woodhatch Post Office, South East region, recently completed her Customer Experience University Foundation training. Here Nita tells us what she has learned and how she has changed her approach to customer service.

“I completed my customer experience university Foundation programme in December and straightway I've changed my outlook on customer experience.

“Before I was focused on getting customers in and out of the branch as quickly as possible. Now I'm focused on being friendly, having some banter with them, asking how their day is going, asking how they are coping during covid-19, and ask them questions about the transaction they have come to do and give them the best possible service.

“I have started to reflect on their experiences, and treated customers in the way I would want to be treated. Our customers are the future generation we must treat them with respect and be friendly.

“Over the last few years from the customer feedback I created a Facebook page for my branch to help the community with information about the services I offer at the branch. This helped immensely during the pandemic for the local community to receive the information without coming to the Post Office. A customer has also written an article about his experience about Woodhatch Post Office and his experience and article has made a difference and I am seeing a lot more new faces coming in.

Nita and her husband who run Woodhatch Post Office, South East region

“I would recommend the training to other Postmasters as it helps to increase their knowledge of customer care. It will allow them to improve their customer service and in turn increase footfall through the Post Office.

“We’re near a main road, so we get a lot of customers who are driving through, as well as our regular customers. I’ve started to see an increase in customers and I understand how great service will help bring customers back.

“My Area Manager, Steve Leddy, is always there whenever I need some advice or information on services, customer care etc. I can call him or message him and he will always get back to me at his earliest convenience.”

Latest feedback from Nita’s customers through our Voice of the customer programme 

  1. Very nice, clean and tidy Post Office. The couple who run it are very helpful and friendly.
  2. They were very kind, helpful, it was not crowded and felt safe and suggested the drop and go service as I do a lot of posting for work.
  3. The staff are always so friendly and it is a pleasure to see them.
  4. Such a lovely Post Officce. Started my own business last year and travel to this Post Office from Redhill even though we have a big Post Office there. I find this Post Office so mch more friendly, helpful and lots of smiles.
  5. Always helpful with moneygram.

Ask your Area Manager about Customers Experience University Programme.