Improving training and support for Postmasters

Improving training and support for Postmasters

Running a business comes with many challenges. With many Postmasters running two businesses – their retail side and Post Office, it’s even more important we provide the right support.

Our priority is to be better for Postmasters in all aspects of our business, and we are committed to help make running a branch easier and profitable.

In the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about our new field structure of nine Regional Managers who are supported by 94 Area Managers. That team is there to ensure every branch is supported to grow their business and has a named contact if they need help.  

We’d now like to move focus to our second field team – the Retail Operations team. This new team works alongside the field structure launched in April, and all report to Retail Director Amanda Jones.

Pam Heap, Head of Retail Operations, explains the structure and how the team will help postmasters.

“Before we can talk about how we’ve changed, we should start with why we’ve changed.

“When people join the Post Office to run a branch, we know that they want more support, from the moment they apply, all the way to when they’re up and running.

“Over the last several months, we’ve been looking at the whole experience from how we on-board our Postmasters and then how we support them to manage a Post Office.

“The beginning is clearly important, but we’ve identified a need to give Postmasters and their teams better support, whether they’ve been with us five days, 10 months or 30 years.

“We’ve been making changes to be better positioned to support postmasters – a key focus has been looking at our training and support model. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing some additional training and increased support for those who want and need it.

“The team work across four areas: Onboarding, Training, Business Support and Change Management.

“Previously these teams have sat in different parts of the business, so by bringing them together and joining up the process, we can give Postmasters more seamless support throughout their time running a Post Office.”

Look out for further information on the four teams next week.