A week in the life of a Postmaster

A week in the life of a Postmaster

Last year, our Chief Executive Nick Read set out the purpose for the business, which puts Postmasters first and he made clear that everything we do, must help you thrive.

Earlier this year, we launched our Adopt an Area programme which sees Post Office colleagues paired with Area Managers for their branch visits so they can learn more about the issues and problems you face when running you branch.


A training workshop called ‘A week in the life of a Postmaster’ is starting to roll out to all Post Office support function colleagues across the business.

Thank you to Postmasters Barry from Langley Mill branch, Lindy from Duffield branch, and Rajinder from Swadlincote branch who has supported us in delivering this important training. 

The workshop will provide colleagues an insight into your responsibilities and variety of tasks involved when running a branch and working with Post Office. 

The workshop features a series of films with three Postmasters who share what a typical week involves, in their own words. This includes getting ready to open, to managing cash and balancing, from how you work with Post Office, to how you support your customers. 

There are five films (see below) and in groups, colleagues will discuss what they’ve learned and what they can do as individually and as a team to try to make our processes and ways of working easier for our Postmasters. 

Every support function colleague (approximately 1,800 people) at Post Office will be invited to an interactive workshop hosted by Post Office directors, following this workshop they will complete additional e-learning training.

Shaun Kerrison, Head of Postmaster Engagement, commented: “We need to be the very best we can for Postmasters. Through A week in the life of a Postmaster workshops, all support function colleagues, at every level in the business, will start to understand what life is like for Postmasters and how difficult running a branch is. Fundamentally, this training programme is a critical part in making sure colleagues understand their responsibilities in serving and supporting our branch teams.”

The videos are available to view below.