Listen now: Raising concerns

Listen now: Raising concerns

We have created an independent Non-Executive Director Whistleblowing Champion to oversee our whistleblowing culture, ensuring Postmasters and employees are genuinely encouraged to speak openly and honestly about their concerns. Zarin Patel has agreed to take on this role.

In this podcast/audio message, Zarin explains her role at Post Office, why it’s important to hear Postmasters concerns and also reminds you how to raise concerns through Whistleblowing.

You can listen to the podcast message here.


Alternatively, you can read a transcript of podcast below. 


Hello and thank you for listening. I would like to talk to you today about how Whistleblowing helps Post Office to get things right so we can be here in person for the people that rely on us.

I am Zarin Patel and I am a Non-Executive Director for Post Office.  I have just taken up the role of Whistleblowing Champion which I see as a really important one in the organisation. 

As a non-executive I sit on and chair Audit & Risk Committees at other companies, and a key part of what we do, is to ensure that malpractice, risk or wrongdoing is surfaced. 

I believe a healthy organisation is one where people can speak up without fear and, as a result, stop harm. As Whistleblowing Champion, I will oversee Post Office whistleblowing policy and procedures. I will ensure that a positive whistleblowing culture is encouraged throughout Post Office and that whistleblowers are always supported when they raise concerns.

I want to talk about why listening to Postmasters, branch teams, our employees and customers is important for Post Office.

People should be able to raise issues and concerns, knowing that they are taken seriously and will not be treated badly for doing the right thing.

Ensuring Postmasters, branch teams, our employees and customers are confident to raise concerns in the interest of our people and our business, is part of everyday good business practice.

I believe that noticing a problem, and speaking up about it helps us address issues quickly.  This in turn helps ensure that we can enhance Post Office’s processes and controls and support our Postmasters and the communities that we serve.

We recently launched our ‘We’re Listening’ button on Branch Hub for you to report any issues you are having in branch. 

If you don’t have access to Branch Hub, or believe that an issue that you have raised via Branch Hub has not been fully resolved, you can raise the issue with your Area Manager.

If you are aware of, or suspect that an issue relates to wrongdoing which affects others, we want you to raise your concerns safe in the knowledge that we will take them seriously and treat them confidentially. 

We want you to feel able to tell us about any issues that you feel have not been resolved, especially where they relate to:

  • Failure to comply with the law or Post Office policy and procedures
  • Miscarriages of justice
  • Criminal offences
  • Endangering someone’s health and safety
  • Damage to the environment, and
  • Covering up wrongdoing associated with these areas, or indeed others.

We will fully investigate them and you will suffer no personal detriment by speaking up.

If you don’t feel able to raise an issue with your Area Manager or on Branch Hub, you can also raise issues directly with the whistleblowing team by emailing and you will always receive an initial response within five days.

Of course, you can raise concerns anonymously, but this can limit the effectiveness of any investigation if we cant contact you to obtain additional information. 

As I've already said, to help us build the Post Office of the future we are committed to doing things correctly and we want you to always raise issues and concerns with us.

Thank you for taking the time to listen today, if you do have any more questions, you can comment below, or speak to your Area Manager.