Improving training for postmasters

Improving training for postmasters

Running a business comes with many challenges – especially running a joint Post Office and retail business. We know these two things go hand in hand so it’s important that we provide the right support and training to Postmasters.

Since we launched the new Retail Operations team in April last year, we’ve been looking at Postmasters’ whole experience of the Post Office, from the moment they join, to how we give them the skills and confidence to manage a branch. We’ve identified the need to provide better ongoing support, whether a Postmaster has been with us for five days, 10 months or 30 years.

As part of the focus on improving the training available to Postmasters, we’ve developed a range of new learning solutions in response to direct feedback from around the network, using a blended approach of classroom training, online courses and operational guides.

Postmasters have been asking for additional support to improve their skills and knowledge of transactions and back office processes like balancing. As a result, we’ve launched the following e-learning modules:

  • ATM Accounting
  • Lottery process of sales and cash prizes, and accounting on Horizon Online.
  • Balancing; the process to complete a Post Office monthly balance (trading period).

We’ve also created Work aids, which are printed operational instructions, to support:

  • ATM Accounting
  • Lottery process of sales and cash prizes, and accounting on Horizon Online
  • How to complete Remittance Deliveries and Remittance Collections

If you would like to request the e-learning modules or receive copies of the Work aids which are relevant to your branch and the products you sell, please email

Look out for further news about how we’re improving classroom training for Postmasters.